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Quality OEM Rig Parts for a Range of Rigs in the Oil & Gas Industry - Call Triumph International

If you're in the oil and gas industry, then you know that having the right rig parts is essential to your operation. That's why Triumph International is your one-stop shop for OEM rig parts for a wide range of rigs, including Cardwell, Cooper, Skytop, Ideco, and more.

We carry a comprehensive selection of parts for all types of rigs, so you can keep your operation running smoothly. From pumps and valves to BOP parts and drawworks, we have the parts you need to keep your rig up and running. And because we're an OEM supplier, you can be confident that our parts are of the highest quality and designed specifically for your rig. We also offer competitive pricing on all of our parts, so you can get the best value for your money.

So, if you're looking for OEM rig parts for your Cardwell, Cooper, Skytop, Ideco, or other drilling rig, look no further than Triumph International. We have the experience and expertise to keep your operation running smoothly. In fact, contact our knowledgeable staff today with any questions, we have over 126 years of combined oil and gas experience. Learn more about our products and services at:

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