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Triumph International Fullfills Your Drilling Rig OEM Part Needs

At Triumph International, we understand the vital role that top-quality parts play in ensuring the smooth operation of drilling and well servicing rigs. Based in Houston, Texas, we've built our reputation on offering the best in drilling rig OEM parts, making sure your operations never face unnecessary downtimes.

When it comes to drilling rig OEM parts, our specialty lies in locating the exact equipment you need. We're not just sellers; we're experts. With a combined experience spanning over 126 years in the oil and gas industry, we have the insights, skills, and dedication to source the best OEM parts for you.

The brands we emphasize include industry leaders like Cardwell, Cooper, Ideco, Skytop, and NOV Rigs. These names are trusted in the industry, and we ensure you get authentic parts from these top-notch manufacturers. Our vast inventory covers a range of parts. From Drawworks and Mud Pump equipment to Solids Control Equipment and Pneumatic & Hydraulic systems, we've got it all. This comprehensive collection guarantees that we can meet almost any requirement you may have.

Furthermore, our commitment doesn't stop at just supplying parts. Our team prioritizes customer service and support. We know that the industry can be challenging, and every minute counts. So, if you're unsure about the part you need or have questions about its compatibility, don’t hesitate. Reach out to us. Our experts are always ready to guide you.

We also recognize the importance of location in our business. That’s why our Houston base, combined with our sales offices in Mexico, allows us to serve you promptly and efficiently. Quick responses and timely deliveries mean your rig operates at its peak performance, powered by the quality of our OEM parts.

When it comes to drilling rig OEM parts, think Triumph International. We're here to serve, support, and ensure your rigs run with the excellence they're meant to. Trust in us, and we'll deliver beyond expectations. Browse our website at: to learn more.

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