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Triumph International is Your Go-To Source for Cooper Oil Rig Drilling OEM Parts

In the heart of Houston, Texas, is Triumph International, the cornerstone for all your drilling and well servicing rig needs. For many, the challenge isn't just about finding parts; it's about finding the right ones. And when it comes to Cooper oil rig drilling OEM parts, we've positioned ourselves as the leading authority in the industry.

Why? Because we don’t just supply parts. We master the art of locating them. When a rig has a specific requirement, turning to a generalist often results in disappointment. But at Triumph International, our specialization ensures that every part you receive matches your exact needs, especially when you’re looking for Cooper oil rig drilling OEM parts.

Having been in the oil and gas sector for over 126 years collectively, we've garnered insights that few can claim to possess. This experience isn't just a number; it's our testament to understanding the intricacies of the industry, right from the nuances of each component to the complexities of rig operations.

From Drawworks and Mud Pumps to Solids Control Equipment and more, our inventory is vast but curated. It’s not just about having a wide variety, but about having the right variety. And with our emphasis on brands like Cardwell, Ideco, Skytop, and especially Cooper among others, you're always guaranteed top-notch quality.

If you ever find yourself pondering which part is the right fit or have questions about compatibility, remember, we're just a call away. With our customer-centric approach, we're always keen on guiding, helping, and ensuring your rig performs seamlessly.

Our reach isn't limited to Houston. With sales offices in Mexico, we're spreading our expertise and ensuring that quality Cooper oil rig drilling OEM parts are accessible to many. When you think of Cooper oil rig drilling OEM parts, think of Triumph International. Connect with us by browsing our website at:

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