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Triumph International: Quality Parts and Customer Service for the Oil & Gas Industry

With 126 years of combined experience, Triumph International specializes in providing OEM parts for drilling rigs used in the oil and gas industry. Centrally located in Houston, Texas and serving the world, Triumph International is dedicated to locating and supplying quality parts from Cardwell, Cooper, IDECO, Skytop, and NOV Rigs, among others.

At Triumph International we pride ourselves on delivering top customer service and our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to finding the right parts to meet specific requirements and providing them in a timely manner.

At Triumph International, our mission is to offer the highest quality products and services, backed by our reputation for professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer service. With an emphasis on a long-term customer relationship, Triumph International provides top of the line services at the best possible prices.

By maintaining our commitment to excellence and providing quality parts and services, Triumph International strives to set the industry standard for oil and gas drilling and well servicing rigs. For a wide range of OEM drilling parts contact Triumph International today or browse our website at:

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