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Triumph International – We are the BOP Parts Specialists

We at Triumph International have carved a niche for ourselves in the world of drilling and well servicing. A major part of our identity lies in our specialization: locating top-notch OEM parts and equipment for your rigs. Among the many parts we deal in, BOP parts hold a significant place.

The drilling and well servicing arena is vast, with brands like Cardwell, Cooper, Ideco, Skytop, and NOV Rigs making their mark. For us, these aren't just brand names; they represent a standard of quality. We've dedicated ourselves to ensure that every BOP part that reaches you resonates with this standard.

With our base in Houston and our strategic sales offices in Mexico, we've managed to establish a robust network. This network ensures that no matter where you are, your rig gets the best BOP parts and operates without hitches. After all, a smoothly operating rig is a testament to its quality parts, and we take pride in being a part of that success story.

Having over 126 years of combined experience in the oil and gas sector isn't just a number to us. It's a legacy. It's proof of our dedication, our expertise, and our unwavering commitment to providing only the best. With our deep understanding of the industry, we ensure that when it comes to BOP parts, your company receives nothing short of excellence, and that too at a price that is competitive.

But our relationship with our customers doesn't end with a sale. We believe in building connections. If you ever find yourself in a fix, unsure about which BOP part would be best suited for your rig, or if you have any questions about our inventory, remember, we are always here to help. At Triumph International, our aim is clear: to be your trusted partner for BOP parts and beyond. Contact us through our website today at:

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