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Triumph International: Your One-Stop Shop for OEM Drilling Rig Parts

Are you in the oil and gas industry and in need of OEM drilling rig parts? Look no further than Triumph International. With 126 years of combined experience, we offer a wide range of parts for a variety of rigs, including Cooper, Cardwell, Skytop, Ideco, and NOV rigs.

We understand that having reliable equipment is essential to the success of your operations, which is why we take pride in providing high-quality parts that meet industry standards. Our inventory includes mud pump parts, drawworks parts and equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, and much more.

At Triumph International, we believe that our customers deserve the best. That's why we have a team of experts who work diligently to ensure that you receive the right parts for your specific needs. We also understand that time is of the essence in the oil and gas industry, which is why we are able to ship these parts to anywhere in the world.

Located in Houston, we are proud to serve the entire world. Whether you're in the United States or overseas, we have the parts you need to keep your drilling rig running smoothly. Plus, our team is always available to provide expert advice and assistance, ensuring that you make informed decisions about your equipment. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to OEM drilling rig parts. Choose Triumph International for reliable, high-quality parts and exceptional customer service. Contact us today at: to learn more about our inventory and services.

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